Complementary therapies

Barnstaple Chiropractic & Complementary Health Centre offers a comprehensive range of complementary therapies from qualified practitioners, here to help support your complete wellbeing.

Below are a list of our complementary practitioners and details of a few of the treatments they offer, however with so many different treatments on offer please contact us for full details of how we can help.


Homoeopaths treat each person as an individual and will offer a homeopathic remedy based on the overall picture – physical and emotional symptoms and any causative factors.  Homeopathic remedies come from plant, animal and mineral sources. Homeopathic Remedies mostly come in tablet form and are easy to take. For babies and the very young granules or soft tablets that dissolve immediately on the tongue are used.

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Advanced Massage Therapy and Bodywork

How may bodywork help?
It can soften and release tense muscle and associated tissue. It may also support relaxation when managing and living with immediate and long term physical, emotional and psychological issues, conditions and impairments.
Approaches available – often combined to meet individual client’s specific needs:
Holistic and Therapeutic Massage offers a mixture of soft to deep tissue and remedial work, including stretches, joint mobilisation and movement techniques. Strokes flow into one whole and holistic session.
Deep Tissue and Remedial Massage is similar to above but includes postural assessment as appropriate, together with specific remedial and post-injury techniques.
Integrated Myofascial Therapy is an advanced remedial, yet holistic, therapy that affects and releases restrictions within the fascial network. What is fascia? It is connective tissue that surrounds, permeates, cushions and protects everything in our body, including our muscles. It puts up resistance to trauma, tightness, stress (physical, emotional, psychological, postural) and over a period of time tight fascia causes tension which can effect other parts of our body as well as the site of trauma/injury.
Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Vodder Method) a specialised technique using slow, rhythmical movements to gently move the skin over underlying tissues. This stimulates muscles of the lymphatic system to aid the removal of waste and excess fluid from tissues. It can help with the support of chronic conditions, areas of congestion as well as the management of lymphoedema and venous insufficiency conditions

Treating these different points with gentle pressure can have a relaxing effect.

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Complementary Therapist

Louise has been a practitioner since May 2008. She has a number of years experience in a variety of settings treating a broad spectrum of clients.
The treatments she currently provides are Sports injury / Remedial Massage, Body Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Indian head Massage, Thai Foot Massage,  Reiki and Holistic Face Massage. Louise is a Reiki Master and offers attunements. She also holds a CPCAB Certificate in “Introduction to Counselling Skills,” which enables her to listen to her clients and reach a deeper understanding of their needs.
Louise provides treatments at Barnstaple Chiropractic & Complementary Health Centre and offers a Ladies Home Pampering service in some areas. She also works at two local Spa Hotels and a local glamping site.
Louise qualified in Sports Injury / Remedial Massage  with Gail and Derek Lowe at the Devon Academy of Complementary Therapists. Gail and Derek have a reputation for training therapists to a very high standard.
She was particularly keen to qualify in Sports Injury / Remedial Massage and Deep Tissue Massage so that she could provide corrective treatments. These address the cause of the problem opposed to the symptoms, relieving muscle congestion, breaking down adhesions, reducing pain, accelerating the healing process and preventing re-injury. Her Body massage treatments incorporate a variety of moves. These treatments can relax, soothe, nurture, energise, release tension and relieve pain depending on the individuals needs. 
Louise's Indian Head Massage tutor was trained directly by Narendra Mehta, a physical and manipulative therapist, who brought the tradition of this treatment to the Western World. Most Indian Head Massages last for thirty minutes. Louise has created a deeply nurturing hour long treatment which has proved very popular with her clients.
Louise worked as a Volunteer Complementary Therapist at North Devon Hospice for eighteen months treating patients, carers and the bereaved. She found this work particularly rewarding and discovered how regular holistic therapies can play a significant role in helping people to cope during such a challenging time in their lives. She has also provided treatments to private clients suffering from cancer.
Her clients include the elderly and children as young as eleven. In addition she has worked with a number of people suffering from stress-related illness.
Louise is passionate about the therapies that she provides and is driven by a desire to nurture her clients and aid their journey back to good health. Listening carefully to their requirements, she can taylor each treatment to the client’s individual needs. Louise is a firm believer that regular holistic therapy can act as a form of preventative health care maintaining the body’s natural balance.

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 The Bowen Technique

The Bowen Technique is a gentle hands on therapy which uses a gentle rolling action over soft tissue. This appears to create a signal to the brain, promoting the body's systems to begin the process of rebalancing and repair. Breaks are incorporated into the treatment where you are left to rest, so the body is able to rebalance. Bowen has been observed to help: Acute and chronic back pain, general aches and pains, sports injuries, sciatica, frozen shoulder and tennis elbow, whiplash, headaches / sinus, stress and tension, digestion, chronic fatigue and heel and foot pain. A Bowen treatment is a relaxing and subtle experience which has been reported to improve the quality of sleep, the ability to concentrate, and to promote a more positive outlook on life. Bowen is suitable for all ages, and for pregnant women. The treatment can be carried out through light clothing. 

Sarah was inspired to train in the Bowen Technique after the therapy resolved her own  back and shoulder problems from years of horse riding and a stressful media career. Her approach is to seek out the underlying root of an issue by assessing and working with the whole person.

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Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

Alexia is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist based in Devon. She currently manages three private practices in Exeter, Tiverton and Barnstaple. She is also a resident therapist at NuBeginnings, a boutique, weight loss camp in Ilfracombe, North Devon. Alexia has been working as a hypnotherapist since 2006 and passed her Diploma of psychotherapy and Counselling with the Human Givens Institute in 2014. She is a member of the Brithish Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH) and the Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).  

In her sessions, Alexia combines Clinical Hypnotherapy with techniques from psychotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Life Coaching and Solution-focused Brief Therapy. She is a trained practitioner of EMDR, a ground-breaking technique used in the treatment of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. She specialises in helping with phobias, anxiety, depression and addictions. Alexia has also undertaken specialist training in psychogenic infertility and postpartum / postnatal mental health.

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 Massage Practitioner

Lisa has been a massage Practitioner since 2004, with wide ranging clinical experience including pallative care treatments at North Devon Hospice.

Lisa says too many people live with constant pain and tension which can interfere with how they want to live their lives - from making everyday tasks difficult to hampering their training for sport. 

Her aim is to increase your body's ability to handle the challenges you want to put it through, whatever they may be, and get you functioning comfortably at your best. Lisa uses an all round approach taking into your account your lifestyle, your activities and your body's unique idiosyncrasies (tension patterns, weaknesses, old injuries and "dysfunctions") and use a wide range of techniques to create a tailored treatment plan for you.

However Lisa feels strongly about the power of touch, irrespective of technique and this has a significant influence in the way she works.

In her spare time Lisa enjoys running, and although having only started in her forties she understands the need to find a balance between your sporting aims and the realities of your body and lifestyle.

Lisa is a member of the British Complementary Medicine Association and is registered with the institute of Sports and Remedial Massage, the federation of Holistic Therapists and the Association of Physical and Natural Therapists.

Please feel free to call or email Lisa for a free consultation to see if her work may be helpful to you.

 Lisa has: BTEC Level 5 Sports & Remedial Massage, APNT Diploma in Pregnancy Massage and APNT Diploma in myofacial Release

Lisa Tate
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Massage Practitioner                                                                                                 

Brenda Ward
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