Cost of chiropractic treatments

At the Barnstaple Chiropractic & Complementary Health Centre, you’re welcome to come and discuss your treatment needs with a chiropractor before booking any treatments. This initial consultation is absolutely free, and there’s no obligation to come back for treatment.

FREE Initial consultation (Free Chat)

Not sure whether chiropractic could help you?  We can book you in for a free telephone consultation with one of our Chiropractors  and they  will  give you all the information you need to help you make an informed decision.

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Full First Visit: Consultation, Examination, Report of findings and Treatment:

On this visit, you’ll be asked about your past history and receive a thorough examination. Previous X-ray reports can be obtained in some cases. After reaching a diagnosis, your chiropractor will discuss this with you and explain what treatment is recommended. This is normally in the form of manipulation, but may include other forms of chiropractic treatment as necessary.

If clinically appropriate, you will also receive your first chiropractic treatment.



Further Treatments

Usually, the earlier a condition is treated after its onset, the fewer subsequent treatments are needed. A course of home exercises may be given, or you may be referred to a local gym for a course of exercises to help maintain the improvement. Advice will be given to make sure that relapses and your need for further treatment are kept to a minimum.



Reactivation of treatment

Reactivation charges apply to patients who have not received treatment for more than 1 year as a full re-assessment (including clinical history and examination) is required.